Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mommy's Day!

Happy Mommy's Day to all the women who have a motherly role in our lives!  We celebrate all of you today!

Our day started with going to church in the morning with Nana, Nina Dia, and G.G.  After church we enjoyed Poppy's yummy pancake breakfast.  We then came home to a house that was filled with boxes containing Caitlin's new bedroom furniture!  Daddy, Uncle Paul, and Grandpa worked quickly to assemble Caitlin's new furniture for her new room.  Caitlin supervised the project and jumped in to help at times.  Nana and Mommy worked on dismantling the boxes and getting Caitlin's new bedding ready!  Caitlin was so excited about her new room!  She took a nap on her new comfy bed and couldn't wait for everyone to come over and see her new room!  Daddy put the crib rails back on her other bed so we can start to get the nursery ready for Baby Hurley.  After Caitlin's bedroom was put together, Grandpa and Caitlin planted all new flowers in the backyard for Mommy!  Caitlin was an all around helper today!  We enjoyed a scrumptious fajita dinner courtesy of all the men in the family.  The weather was perfect for us to enjoy the outdoors and play a few rounds of Catch Phrase!  We are blessed with many beautiful women in our lives and we had fun celebrating today!  Enjoy the photos from our great day!
Caitlin wanted to pose for a photo by herself

Three generations - Nana, Mommy, and Caitlin (Caitlin wasn't into taking pictures at this time)

Mommy and Caitlin

G.G., Nana, Nina Nina Dia, Mommy, and Caitlin (All of these women inspire Mommy)

Supervising the bedroom project (notice she changed into her tutu to supervise)

Watching Handy Manny has taught Caitlin how to fix things.  Here she is working on screwing on the drawer handles.

Tutu and bare feet are perfect for helping Daddy with the project

Waiting for Daddy to ask for the next tool

Supervising and telling Daddy where her bed should go

Mommy worked on tucking in the sheets while Caitlin tested the comfort of her new bed

"Look at me new bed in my new room"

Checking out the drawer underneath her bed

Sitting on her toy box to get a different view of her new room

Caitlin's new big sister room

Taking a nap in her new bed (Mommy wants to know where her little baby girl is)

Sweet dreams in her new bed

This photo is actually out of order.  Before taking her nap, Caitlin helped Grandpa plant new flowers in our backyard.  She is becoming quite the gardener!

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