Sunday, May 29, 2011

Nana and Nina Nina Dia's 70th Birthday in San Diego

Happy 70th Birthday Nana and Nina Nina Dia!
Nana and Nina Nina Dia's birthday is the reason we are in San Diego for a week.  When we asked them how they wanted to celebrated, they told us they wanted to be at the ocean and so we are.  Nana wanted all of us to be together today and just have a fun relaxing day at the condo.  Our day started by going to church with the birthday girls.  Afterwards we went to the grocery store to pick out their birthday dinner.  Nana and Nina Nina Dia decided they wanted to grill hamburgers and hot dogs along with corn on the cob.  We bought all the grilling necessities and of course a birthday cake!  Daddy made chorizo and eggs for breakfast.  The day then consisted of bike rides, fun in the sand, kite flying, naps, playing games, and simply relaxing.
Caitlin and Allison enjoying breakfast on the patio

The view of the bay from our condo

The girls and their Shamus ready for a bike ride with Aunt Stacie

Aunt Stacie ready to roll with her girls

Grammy Linda and Daddy enjoying the weather

Fun in the sand!

Daddy's sand castle helper

The girls, still in their jammies, having fun with the sand

Caitlin and Allison had fun knocking down Daddy and Uncle Kenny's castle

Nina Nina Dia, Nino Joe, and Nana playing cards

Caitlin helping Daddy build his word on the Scrabble board

Nana and Caitlin playing cards

Allison helping Nina Nina Dia play cards

Mommy and Nina Karen taking a Scrabble break

Having fun running in the grass
Practicing her soccer moves

Daddy ready to grill while enjoying a cigar

Aunt Stacie ready to fly her ladbug kite

Look at the ladybug kite flying

Uncle Kenny, Grammy Linda, Nana, and Daddy

Nana taking a little puff on her birthday :)

Grandpa Gary posing with the kite

Nina Karen, Nino Joe, Nana, Nina Nina Dia, Daddy, Grammy Linda, and Uncle Kenny enjoying the birthday fun

Nina Karen taking a little puff

Running to help Aunt Stacie fly the kite

Pretty girl burying her feet in the sand

Daddy and Aunt Stacie enjoying cigars while grilling

Mommy and Daddy

A Hurley family photo

Nana and Nina Nina Dia's birthday cake with twin hula girls

The girls are ready to sing and help blow out the candles

Helping Nana and Nina Nina Dia blow out their candles

Caitlin and her Ninos

Our best attempt at a group shot using the timer on the camera.  It tooks us several tries and we couldn't stop laughing.
A perfect end to a birthday bash is the firework show from Sea World!

We hope Nana and Nina Nina Dia enjoyed their birthday celebration!  Stay tuned to see how we celebrate the rest of the week!

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