Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 1 of our celebrations in San Diego

Happy 5th Anniversary Mommy and Daddy!

Five years ago today Mommy and Daddy became husband and wife!  The past five years have been filled with joy and they can't wait for what the future has in store.  We started our celebration with an early morning drive to San Diego.  We left at 3:30am so that Allison and Caitlin would sleep part of the way.  We were in great company with Nana, Nina Nina Dia, Uncle Kenny, Aunt Stacie, Allison, Nina Karen, Nino Joe, Grammy Linda, and Grandpa Gary.  Our first stop was in Yuma to eat breakfast and stretch our legs.  Our second stop was the Golden Acorn Casino for a bathroom break.  Mommy won some money during our quick stop.  Our last stop was the parking lot near our condo on Mission Bay that we rented.  Everyone enjoyed stretching their legs and feeling the cooler air while waiting for our condo to be ready.  The girls didn't wait to enjoy the bay and went right into the water within minutes of being out of the car.
Caitlin started kicking the water right away

The girls and their daddies playing in the water

Caitlin and Daddy having fun

The girls had fun getting wet and getting their daddies wet too

Splashing is fun!

Swinging over the water

Just chillin' on Nana's car

Nina Karen and Allison waiting for the condo to be ready

The girls enjoying the grass outside our condo

After we settled into the condo, we relaxed and enjoyed the cooler San Diego air.  We then went to dinner at Rockin' Baja, one of Mommy and Daddy's favorite restaurants.  We had a yummy dinner and enjoyed the band!
The band sang Happy Birthday to Nana and Nina Nina Dia since their birthday is on Sunday. 

The birthday girls - Do they look 70 to you? They sure don't to us!

Our attempt to take a family photo on our anniversary

After dinner we walked around Old Town.  Daddy and Caitlin found some fun hats to try on.  We also found a Cold Stone Creamery, a perfect spot for anniversary dessert.
Daddy and his silly hat

Daddy and Caitlin with their fun hats

Caitlin liked wearing Daddy's hat

Enjoying our anniversary dessert

Caitlin loves chocolate ice cream - definitely not like her Mommy here.

Stay tuned for the rest of our fun trip adventures!

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