Monday, May 9, 2011

Swinging like a big girl

Caitlin loves to swing.  If we let her she would swing all day, every day.  She loves to be pushed in the swing and go as high as possible so her feet can kick out orange tree.  Tonight when we went in the backyard, Caitlin chose to swing on the big girl swings and she didn't need anyone to push her.  We have been practicing how her legs can be used to help her swing and tonight she was swinging all by herself on the big girl swings!  Mommy just happened to have the camera in her pocket and snapped some photos of Caitlin's proud swinging moments.  When kids realize they are able to do something their excitement is something that we wish we could bottle up!  The photos don't do justice as to how great Caitlin felt that she could swing all by herself!
Getting on the swing be herself

Swinging back.....

.....and foward

....and back again!

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