Monday, July 11, 2011

Our last day at the beach!

San Diego Day 7: Last day at the beach and fireworks to end our vacation!
We woke up to the heaviest marine layer we have seen all week.  We were a little bummed knowing this was our last day at the beach.  We decided after breakfast to stroll down the boardwalk and walk on the Crystal Pier.
A view of our condo high rise buidling from the pier

Caitlin loved running on the pier as the waves crashed underneath

Looking at the surfers

The Hurley family on the pier

Caitlin and her Daddy

Watching a fisherman take his fish off the hook

You might wonder what Caitlin is doing here.  Any guesses?..............

Maybe this photo helps you understand better.  Caitlin is looking through the cracks to see the waves crashing under the pier.  If you look closely at the wood slats at the bottom of the photo you can see the white caps of the waves.

After the fun on the pier, we walked down the boardwalk to see whatever fun we could encounter. 
Caitlin posing on the wall of the boardwalk

We decided to walk back on Mission Blvd to our condo instead of the boardwalk.  Mommy had heard that since today was 7/11 that we could get a free slurpee at the 7/11 stores.  We happened to pass by one and decided to check it out. 
Caitlin enjoying her first slurpee.  She said it was "kind of like an Eegee."

Yay for Slurpees!

When we got back to our condo, the sun started to peek through the marine layer and the day became beautiful for the beach.  Caitlin couldn't wait to hit the waves!
Can't have fun without Daddy swinging you in the ocean

Surfer Caitlin ready to go

Searching for sand crabs

Checking out the BIG sand crab that Grandpa found

After our beach fun, everyone took a little nap and rested for a final evening at Sea World.  Our plan was to let Caitlin ride the rides in the Sesame Street Paly area, eat dessert, watch the Shamu rocks show and then the fireworks!  We accomplished all of that after Caitlin woke up from her nap and was re-energized! 
While Caitlin, Daddy, and Grandpa rode Abby's Sea Star Spin Uncle Paul bought a churro.  As soon as Caitlin got off the ride, she snagged the churro from her Uncle Paul.

Caitlin loves posing with her churros!  Thanks Uncle Paul!

Oscar's Eel Spin was Caitlin's next ride.

Caitlin put her hands up on the ride and all the riders followed.  She also told the lady running the ride to make it go faster.

Caitlin and rode Elmo's Flying Fish for the last ride of the night

Uncle Paul and Caitlin played one last carnival game before getting dessert.  Caitlin beat Uncle Paul.

The tree made of lights in Sea World.  We know when the lights turn off that the fireworks are going to begin!

Caitlin enjoying some of Daddy's waffle cone

Caitlin posing with the Sea World tree in the background

Family photo while waiting for Shamu Rocks to start

We've had a fabulous time on our vacation!  We experienced new adventures and created awesome memories.  Thanks for following us on our journey!  Next time we're in San Diego we'll have another little Hurley with us!

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