Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ahoy, Matey!

San Diego Day 6: Belmont Park and a Pirate Ship Adventure
If you read our post from yesterday you'll remember that we saw a pirate ship pass by during lunch.  We called today and made a reservation for the pirate ship adventure and they were able to fit us in today!  Caitlin was beyond excited, along with the rest of us who didn't know what to expect.  We decided to stop at Belmont Park first to ride some rides and play some games before going on our adventure.
Daddy and Caitlin on the carousel

Caitlin waving to the crowd

Caitlin driving her own boat.  When we were here in May she didn't want to ride the boats because she had to ride by herself.  Today she didn't think twice about being by herself.

After rides and games at Belmont Park it was time for our Pirate Ship Adventure.  We met our Pirate guide at Dock H near the Sheraton on Harbor Island.  After checking us in, we were escorted to our ship.  Caitlin couldn't wait to board the ship.  Since none of us had been on the ship, we didn't know what we were in for.  We soon found out that we were in for a great time!  The pirates and captain greeted us as we boarded the ship.  As we sailed out to the San Diego Bay, the adventure fun began!  Follow along through our photos to see all the fun we had on our adventure.  We highly recommend the Pirate Ship Adventure! 
Caitlin and Daddy waiting to be escorted to the ship

Caitlin's face says it all!  She was so excited as we walked closer to the pirate ship.

Daddy and Caitlin immediately found fun things to do on the ship!

The Hurley pirates ready for our adventure.  Mommy's hair blew everywhere with the wind.

Daddy, Caitlin, and Grandpa enjoying the cool breeze as the ship sailed towards the San Diego Bay

Caitlin met a pirate and received a gold doubloon!  The gold doubloons is the best coin pirates hope to find.

Mommy and Caitlin enjoying the adventure.

The captain of our ship!  He was also a great tour guide pointing out points of interest during our adventure.

The first job we learned was how to fire the water cannons on the ship.  The pirates taught us in case our ship became under attack!

Caitlin focused when shooting the cannons

Each cannon had a specific name

Caitlin listening closely to the pirate's instructions

Posing while exploring the ship

Grandpa couldn't wait to buy Caitlin her pirate gear: swords, hat, and eye patch

Our little princess pirate

Standing guard ready to shoot the cannon

Caitlin loved having sword fights with other little pirates on the ship

The little pirates also learned to swab the poop deck.  Caitlin enjoyed doing this and told us to buy her her own mop and bucket for home.

The pirate had a little pirate conference and the rewards for correct answers were more gold doubloons.

Ready, aim, fire! Notice Caitlin has her sword ready just in case!

Taking a break from pirate duties to enjoy the ride!

We passed a large banana boat that had just made a delivery

We also passed this boat that was used in the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie

Princess pirate and Grandpa pirate

Don't mess with me!

The pirate on the ship played his guitar and sang fun pirate songs

Caitlin listened intently

When the pirates were to say "arrgghh," Caitlin proudly stood up and shouted it!

Another pirate ship tried to attack our ship with loud cannons, but we fought back and won the battle

Caitlin didn't care the size of the other pirates and had fun sword fighting

Caitlin found where the pirates keep their treasures.  The pirate whe is with then gave her a special treasured jewel and told her not to tell the captain.

Happy and dancing on the ship

Sword fighting with boys

As Caitlin exited the ship, the pirate gave her a starfish treasure!  Caitlin absolutely loved the adventure and the pirates made over her because she was so into it!  What a great afternoon!

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