Sunday, April 3, 2011

Smiles for the camera, HOP, and a Fire all in one day!

During the night Friday, Caitlin woke up with a very high fever.  We gave her some medicine and hoped she would wake up feeling better.  All day yesterday her fever spiked throughout the day.  She stayed low all day, which was a sign of how bad she was feeling.  We had to miss Allison's 2nd birthday party and we were bummed, but we didn't want Caitlin to give her "bug" to any of the other kids.  Caitlin said that she couldn't go to the party because, "I'm too sick and I don't want to get anyone else sick."  We hoped that this "bug" would just be around for 24 hours and that Caitlin would wake up today feeling great.  She woke up today feeling better and just had a slight fever around 99, much better than the 104 she had most of yesterday. 

Aunt Stacie and Mommy had planned for Caitlin and Allison to have their 3yr and 2yr photos taken today and we hoped Caitlin was up to smiling for the camera.  Caitlin said she would take pictures and she wanted to wear her tutu.  Mommy and Daddy were happy that Caitlin felt better and was ready to say, "cheese."  Caitlin asked Mommy to paint her nails and toes before it was picture time.  Caitlin also let Mommy curl her hair!  Yep, she is definitely feeling better. 

When we arrived at the picture place we had to wait a little while before it was Caitlin and Allison's turn to take photos.  When it was their turn Caitlin was ready to smile and pose.  Allison didn't care to pose as much.  It was nice to see Caitlin enjoying getting her picture taken since as a two year old she often said, "No Pictures!"  Even though Allison didn't care to pose, her pictures still came out great!  The photo shoot was a success and you can see for yourself below.
Tutus and bare feet

Posing for the camera

Cutie pies

Best friends

Watch out Hollywood!
Princess Caitlin

Birthday girls - 3yrs. and 2 yrs.

Adorable Allison

Allison - 2yrs old and ready to be out of the box

Look out Caitlin is 3 and Allison is 2!

While we waited for our photo proofs we tried to visit the Easter Bunny, but the girls preferred to just wave at the bunny and not sit on his lap.  The girls enjoyed riding on the little kiddie rides at the mall, playing in the play area, and eating some yummy ice cream.
Construction girls, just like Handy Manny

Daddy tried squeezing in one of the rides too

After the photo shoot, Uncle Paul, Daddy, Mommy, and Caitlin went to see HOP.  We had promised Caitlin that if behaved for the photo shoot we would treat her to the movies.  She was excellent during the photo shoot and she enjoyed her juice and popcorn as we watched HOP.  Towards the last 15 minutes of the movie Caitlin fell asleep and we noticed her fever was starting to rise again.  We left for home after the movie and hoped she would continue to nap a little so her fever would go down.

When we got home, Nana and Poppy were in our front yard to let us know that our shed had caught on FIRE!  Our neighbor got tired of cutting down his bushes and decided to light them on fire.  He thought he had put the fire out, but he was wrong.  Luckily, G.G. and Poppy were next door and smelled something burning.  They looked outside and saw our shed on fire.  Poppy called the fire department to put the fire out.  Mommy was the most upset about the shed burning because everything in the shed was her holiday decorations.  Poppy and Mommy spent three hours inventorying all the damage.  Mommy was happy that much of her Christmas collectibles were okay and not damaged.  Now Mommy will be calling the neighbor's insurance so we can get our stuff replaced.  This is definitely a lesson why you shouldn't play with matches!

We had a pretty full and exciting day!  Hope you enjoyed reading about it!

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