Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hoppy Easter!

Happy Easter Everyone!
We had a fun-filled day!  Our day began when we met Nana, Nina Nina Dia, G.G., Uncle Kenny, Aunt Stacie, Allison, Grammy Linda, and Grandpa Gary at church.  After church, we enjoyed Poppy's pancake breakfast at church.  Then, everyone came over to our house to see what the Easter Bunny had left and to hunt for Easter Eggs.  Caitlin and Allison were lucky as the Easter Bunny left many baskets for them at everyone's house.  The Easter Egg Hunt was a highlight of the morning.  Each girl had their own special hunting techniques.  Caitlin shook the eggs to listen for surprises inside, quickly put the eggs in her basket and then ran to find more eggs.  Allison would open each egg she found, take out the money, and then look for more eggs.  Uncle Kenny and Mommy made sure each girl had the same amount of goodies in the end!  After our the egg hunt, everyone went home to take naps and then came back to our house for a scrumptious dinner made by Poppy!  We had a wonderful day full of family and fun and hope everyone enjoyed their Easter day!  Enjoy the photos from our day.
Looking at what the Easter Bunny left at Grammy Linda's house

Allison checking out her new Princess wand

Checking out the basket that the Easter Bunny left at Caitlin's Nino's house

Playing in the tent with Nina Karen

Running out the back door to start hunting for eggs.  Allison dropped her basket to check out the basket that the Easter Bunny left in the backyard.

Some eggs were easier to find than others

While picking up one egg, Caitlin spotted the next egg to go for

Happy to shake the egg and hear "coinies" inside

Running to put the egg in her basket

Allison taking her time to look at the "coinies" she found inside the egg

Caitlin's basket is full

Lifting her basket to get the egg she found in the tree

How many eggs can Caitlin hold at one time?

Serious egg hunter

Mommy and Uncle Kenny making sure each girl gets the same amount of goodies after the egg hunt

Fun in the trampoline after the egg hunt

Allison sliding in her Easter dress

Our beautiful eggs we made yesterday

Mommy, Daddy, and Baby Hurley (Caitlin wasn't interested in pictures at the moment)

Mommy, Daddy, Caitlin, Nina Karen, and Nino Joe

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