Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another fun FAIR outing!

Since Uncle Paul, Uncle Kenny, and Allison didn't go to the fair with us last time, we decided to venture their again so they could join in on the fun!  Tonight was wristband night, but we knew we wouldn't be fighting the crowds for the big rides and thought that not too many people would be waiting in line for the kiddie rides.  The fair was definitely busy tonight, but the girls didn't care as they petted animals in the Petting Zoo, watched the Sea Lion show, rode a pony, and rode on the kiddie rides!  The girls had a blast and seeing their happy faces made our 2nd trip to the fair worth every minute!

First Stop - The Petting Zoo
Caitlin loves the little goats

Daddy feeding the goats while the llama looks on

Daddy feeding the llama who was quite tall

Caitlin liked feeding the goats the grass

It's important to always wash your hands after touching animals!

Next Stop - Pony Rides 
Holding hands while walking to the ponies

The girls getting ready to ride while their Daddies stand by their side

Hi Everyone!

Daddy and his princess on Tex

Next Stop- Dinner and the Sea Lion Show
After the pony rides, we ate dinner while waiting for the Sea Lion Show to start!  Can't believe we were watching sea lions in the desert!  
The sea lions showing off their tricks

The tricks made Caitlin and Uncle Paul laugh

Conga line with sea lions

Next Stop - Kiddie Rides 
 Hands up while riding the flying elephants

The pretty lights of the ferris wheel

Daddy and Caitlin getting ready to ride the ferris wheel

Woohoo!  Having fun on the ferris wheel!

Waiting to slide down the big slide.  Right after this photo Caitlin's little fingers got smushed where the metal fences meet.  That led to a slight melt down.

Getting ready to slide down


Let's go again!

That was fun!

Uncle Kenny and Allison had fun going down the slide too!

Next Stop - Snakes
Caitlin wanted to go see the snakes with Daddy, Uncle Paul, and Grandpa.  Mommy chose to stay outside and send Uncle Paul in with the camera. 
Looking closely at the big snakes

Last Stop - A few more rides 
Uncle Paul and Allison enjoying popcorn and her new dolphin for the pool

Mommy and Grandpa having fun

Uncle Kenny and Allison having fun on the flying elephants

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