Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Egg Dying Time

Dozens of eggs + lots of coloring cups + 2 toddlers =

After eating yummy pizza, we cleared the table and prepared to dye the Easter Eggs.  Caitlin and Allison were ready to help!  We had dozens of eggs to color and the girls had a blast.  We often had cracked eggs, but who cares!
Caitlin didn't want to mess up her shirt so she started out shirtless, until Aunt Stacie let her wear one of her shirts.

Everyone took part in dying the Easter eggs

The girls learned how to carefully drop the eggs in the color cups

Caitlin liked dying the eggs and eating them too.  She even learned how to put a little salt on the eggs to add to the taste.
Eggs are yummy Daddy!

Caitlin learned to use tongs to get the eggs out of the coloring cups

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