Saturday, April 30, 2011

Date Night

Caitlin loves to call going to dinner with Uncle Paul and Grandpa a "date."  She loves to put on a dress and look pretty for her date.  Tonight we went to Guadalajara Grill for our date.  We had a yard sale this morning and we were ready for a yummy dinner.  Caitlin loved the mariachis that were singing throughout the restaurant.  They came to our table and played a song for Caitlin to dance to.  Afterwards, Caitlin tipped the mariachis and they told us they had another song to play for Caitlin.  The next song they played was It's a Small World!  Caitlin was beyond excited!  We didn't tell them to play it, somehow they just knew that was her all time favorite song.  What a fun date night for Caitlin.  After dinner we went to Best Buy to look at computers and walk off our yummy dinner!
It's easier to get places when Uncle Paul and Daddy carry you!

Dancing to the music

Nothing brightens her day more than mariachis singing It's a Small World

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