Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Birthday Tea Party

Today Mommy and Caitlin went to Charlotte's 3rd birthday party.  It was a mom & daughter tea party.  We were encouraged to wear our favorite dresses and bring our favorite doll or teddy bear.  The weather was beautiful for an afternoon tea party.  The girls had their faces painted, played games, drank tea(apple juice) and had litle sandwiches, fruit, and cookies.  Charlotte was born a week after Caitlin.  Everyone had a great time.  Thanks to Charlotte and her Mommy, Stephanie, for including us!  ENjoy the photos from the tea party.
Drinking tea from her tea cup

Sitting still to get her face painted (this was her first time)

Pretty flowers for a pretty girl

Tasting a little cookie after her drink of tea

The tables were set up so cute

Playing musical chairs

Cupcake time and an atempt at a group photo (Thanks for the adorable hats Stephanie)

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