Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fair Funday!

Ever since Mommy was a little girl, she always loved going to the Pima County Fair!  Mommy and Uncle Kenny loved that it was always in April and around their birthdays.  We decided that today would be a good day to check out the fair.  The weather wasn't too windy and the temperature wasn't too hot.  We tried to get their early so we wouldn't be so hot.  Grandpa joined us on our trip to the fair.  We had tons of fun!

Our first stop was to see the sharks! Sounds crazy to see sharks in the desert!  The shark tank was as big as a semi-truck. 
Daddy and Caitlin pointing out the different sharks


On our way to check out the rest of the animals, Caitlin decided she was ready to ride!  First ride was the dragon roller coaster!
Caitlin quickly got in her seat all by herself, but then realized Daddy wasn't with her so..........

Daddy rode the ride too!

Hands up everyone!

The flying pink elephants were next!
Caitlin and Daddy having fun on the ride

Next ride, the Spininng Dragons
Caitlin, Mommy, and Baby Hurley enjoyed this ride

Couldn't resist sliding down the BIG SLIDE!
Daddy and Caitlin had fun sliding down

We couldn't miss the carousel!
Waving to the crowd

After riding, we ate some lunch and then headed to see the animals!
Grandpa, Daddy and Caitlin strolling through the fair

Next stop, The Petting Zoo!
Caitlin and Daddy petting the goat

The goats were just Caitlin's size

Petting the kangaroo

Posing with the goat

Caitlin got down low to be close with the animals

Next stop, Pony Ride
Caitlin chose to ride on Tex

Mommy, Caitlin, and Tex, the pony

Caitlin loved the pony ride and Mommy walked next to her to make sure she didn't fall off.  On another note, if you look closely you can see Mommy's baby bump starting to show.

Waving like a princess on her horse

After the pony ride, we went to see the 4-H animals
Little Miss Caitlin Pig

After visiting all the animals we enjoyed a tasty ice cream cone and headed to our car.  Caitlin spotted the elephants on our way out and wanted to ride on one.
Caitlin and Daddy climbed onto the elephant

Ready to ride!

Daddy, Caitlin and Dolly, the elephant

What a great afternoon at the fair!  It was getting a little hot and we decided to head home!
Caitlin held on tight to her popcorn and was asleep before we left the parking lot!

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