Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Allison!

Happy 2nd Birthday Allison Grace!

Two years ago today we were blessed with the arrival of Allison Grace Bolle!  She is a happy. healthy toddler that we all love.  Today Caitlin spent the day celebrating with her at the zoo, along with Aunt Stacie, Uncle Kenny, Nana, and Nina Nina Dia.  It was supposed to be a windy day, but everyone said it was perfect at the zoo.  The girls had fun seeing all the animals and playing!  Lunch at the zoo was yummy too!  Mommy and Daddy were jealous to be at work while everyone else was playing!
The birthday girl!

Nina Nina Dia, Uncle Kenny, Aunt Stacie, Allison, and Caitlin taking a drink break

Play time!

Wherever there is music, you'll find Caitlin dancing

Taking a close look at the fishes in the water

Sitting in the shade for a little break

Monkey see, monkey do!

After a day at the zoo, everyone went to our house to take a nap. Caitlin was too wired for a nap, but when Mommy came home from work she insisted on Caitlin sleeping.  After everyone woke up and had more energy, we went to Peter Piper Pizza for Allison's birthday dinner.  Caitlin considered this Allison's birthday party since she was sick to attend her party last week.  After yummy pizza and a fun cinnamon dessert, it was play time!  The girls love playing the game, winning tickets, and riding the carousel multiple times.  It is so much fun watching the two cousins grow up together.  We can't wait to add our newest addition to the mix in September! 
Singing Happy Birthday and pretending that there was a candle

Our best shot!  Could Caitlin's expression be any worse?

Allison loves driving the car and Caitlin can't wait to join her

Caitlin and Aunt Stacie having fun on the carousel!

We hope you had a great day Allison!  We loved celebrating with you!

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