Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rick and Cheryl's 50th Birthday Surprise

Our cousins Rick and Cheryl both turn 50 this year.  Cheryl turned 50 on April 4th and Rick will turn 50 on April 18th.  Cousin Rick was recently diagnosed with lymphoma and we wanted to help cheer him up.  We wanted to do something special for them so we threw them a little surprise party at our house.  Uncle Kenny and Mommy were excited to surprise them.  Uncle Kenny worked hard all day creating a special cake for the occasion.  We told Rick and Cheryl to just come to dinner and to just bring themselves, but of course they never come empty handed.  They thought they were just going to get together with Mommy, Daddy, and Caitlin, but they were wrong!   The whole family came over to celebrate!  We had a yummy dinner and enjoyed the awesome weather outside.  We played Catch Phrase and had hours of laughter!

Happy 50th Rick and Cheryl!  We hope your next 50 years are fabulous! 
The cake made by Uncle Kenny

Once again our candle blowers were hard at work

The birthday kids!

Caitlin had fun watching all the adults be silly while playing the game

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